Proposed Development

Phase I (0-5 Years)
Runway 2-20 Rehabilitation
Runway 2-20 Rehabilitation Lighting
Rehabilitate Taxiway B Lighting
Airport Land Use Study
FBO - Tract 1, Acquire Parcels in Fee
Airport Drainage Study
Rehabilitate Terminal Building Roof Reimbursement
FBO - Tract 3, Acquire Parcels in Fee
FBO - Tract 4, Acquire Parcels in Fee
Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation
Reimburse Parcel 49C
FBO - Tract 2, Acquire Parcels in Fee
Reimburse ATCT Voice Recorder
Self-Service Fuel Farm
Snow Removal Vehicle with Plow
Wildlife and Security Fence
Repair Terminal Apron
Construct T-Hangars (5 Units)
Runway 2 Approach Upgrades (LPV) Land Acq.
Runway 20 Approach Upgrades (LPV) Land Acq.
Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation Lighting
Rehabilitate/Expand Terminal Parking Lot Access Drive
Parallel Taxiway "C" 92, 100' x 50')
GA Apron (Relocate 11,000 sy) w/30 Tiedowns
Airport Administration Relocation
Maintenance Building Expansion
Standby Engine Generator
Terminal Upgrades
Construct Executive Hangar (20,000 sft.)
Road Signage Improvements
East Development Area
South Development Area

Phase II (6-10 Years)
Parallel Taxiway "D"
Parallel Taxiway "D" Lighting
Terminal Expansion (4,550 sft.)
Parallel Taxiway "C" (2,100' x 50') Lighting
Reconstruct Taxiway "B" to Runway 2 End
Runway 14 Approach Upgrades (LPV) Land
West Development Area
Cardinal Greenway
Construct Executive Hangar (10,000 sft.)
Construct T-Hangars (5 Units)
Potential FBO Development

Phase III (11-20 Years)

Expand GA Apron (4,000 sy.)

Taxiway "B" Widening @ GA Apron (50' to 60')
Strenghten Taxiway "B"
Strenghten Taxiway "A"
Runway 14-32 and Parallel Taxiway "A" Extension (500')
Runway 14-32 Extension, Relocate Localizer
Intersection @ Walnut and Riggin Road Improvements
North Development Area
Construct Executive Hangar (4,000 sft.)
Construct T-Hangar (4 Units)