About Us

The Delaware County Airport is federally funded. Airport improvement projects at the Delaware County Regional Airport are funded primarily with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Indiana Department of Transportation - Aviation Division (INDOT). Airport planning, design, and construction projects are completed following strict FAA guidelines to allow for 90% reimbursement from the FAA and 5% reimbursement from INDOT. The FAA grant program is funded from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, into which are deposited revenues from several aviation-user taxes on such items as airline fares, air freight, and aviation fuel. The grant program allows every $1 spent of infrastructure projects. Recent projects include Runway 3-21 pavement rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the intersection of our two runways, and a new lighting system on the airport's main Runway 14-32.

FAA Contract Tower
Operated by Midwest Air Traffic Control Service, Inc.

Tower Frequency: 120.1

Airport Identifier Code: MIE